Gum and Bone Grafting

When a tooth or teeth are lost, the bone and gums supporting them begin to diminish immediately. The longer you wait before implant placement the more tissue is lost. Each case is different as are the needs of each person. However the careful consideration of the hard and soft tissue as well as the missing teeth in every case should never change.

Gum and bone grafting are techniques to encourage the growth of bone and soft tissue where they have been lost. This allows us to provide an optimum foundation for your dental implants and can be essential in cases where aesthetics are important.

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There are many techniques to achieve a natural and lasting result, including block bone grafts, autogenous bone grafts, sinus lifts, allografts and xenografts. The idea behind any graft is that the transferred tissue is eventually replaced by your own tissue to help support the foundations for your new teeth.

The surgeons at the Sydney Implant Institute are very experienced in all forms of grafting and will explain the reasons and the rationale behind which method is best for you.


Stage :  Soft Tissue OptimisationItem numberCost
Second stage surgery with repositioned flap        691 $750
Connective tissue graft (+/- coronally repositioned flap) 235 $1500
Apical repositioned flap and connective tissue graft 235 & 345 $2000
Free gingival graft 235 $1500
Stage : Bone RegenerationItem numberCost
Extraction and socket preservation (bone graft in socket)    311 & 243 $1250
Horizontal (Simple) 236 & 243 $1500
Horizontal (Moderate) 236 & 243 $2000
*Horizontal (Complex, usually including vertical) 236, 237 & 243 $2500
*Vertical (including horizontal)  236, 237 &243 $2500
Additional per tooth / quadrant   $500
Addition of growth factor   $500
Sinus tenting per tooth 393 & 243 $1000
Sinus lateral lift 393,236 & 243 $2500
*Sinus lift and vertical augmentation 393, 236, 237 & 243 $3000

*- 237 procedures require an additional appointment in 6 months for membrane removal (included in costs).