Dental Implants

Historically, missing teeth have been replaced with removable dentures and bridges which attach to the neighboring teeth. This can potentially damage the teeth and leave you with bigger problems when things fail

Implants allow us to provide you with a reliable long-term fixed solution for missing teeth. With modern techniques it is now often possible to remove a hopeless tooth and replace it with an implant in just one surgical procedure.

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Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Implants are fixed and do not need to be removed
  • They do not trap food
  • They are not a cause of embarrassment; which is often the case with dentures
  • The teeth either side of the gap do not need to be treated. This avoids complications such as root canal treatment and decay
  • The cost is comparative to having a bridge

Dental Implant

includes Ceramic Crown and Abutment

At the Sydney Implant Institute we pride ourselves on:

  1. Using top of the range Nobel Biocare implants
  2. Only using the best local dental technicians
  3. Never compromising on the quality of the materials we use