Single Tooth Implant Costs

Dental Implant

includes Ceramic Crown and Abutment

At the Sydney Implant Institute we pride ourselves on:

  1. Using top of the range Nobel Biocare implants
  2. Only using the best local dental technicians
  3. Never compromising on the quality of the materials we use
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 Why do we seem so reasonable?

  • By being the largest provider of dental implants in NSW, we are able to pass the savings on to you.
  • We believe that dental implants should be priced fairly and be accessible to all those who need them without compromising on quality.

 The Sydney Implant Institute will NOT charge for a preliminary consultation and x-rays

Stage : Single Implant and Crown Item number Cost
Implant placement  688  $2500
Abutment (connection to implant) 661 $1250
Implant crown 672 $1750

Important Note: These prices are meant as a guide only and based on the simplest case scenarios. However, once you have been thoroughly assessed and a quoted, it will be honoured.