Why Choose SII for your All on 4


One place, One team.

At the Sydney Implant Institute all your work will be carried out in our specialised facility, meaning you will not have to travel all over Sydney for your appointments and you will be treated by the same surgical team throughout the process.

Teeth in one day

At the Sydney Implant Institute you will receive your teeth on the day of surgery (or the next morning if you’re having upper and lower). This bridge is processed while you are recovering after your surgery. We have streamlined our process and staffed our laboratory so you spend minimal time without teeth.

Sydney’s All on 4 leader

We do the most All on 4 in Sydney. Many studies have correlated implant success with the experience of the surgeon. Between our 3 senior surgeons there is more than 50 years of clinical implant experience.

Less than $18,000 for a long term provisional 

We are reasonably priced because we do the most in Sydney and pass on our savings to you. We believe implant dentistry should be accessible but DO NOT compromise on quality only using the very best materials and implants.