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Welcome to the new standard of dental implants and All On 4 procedures. 

We can replace your missing or failing teeth using the latest scientific technology combined with beautiful aesthetic dentistry. Get in touch today to see how we can deliver a smile to be proud of.

All-On-4 Basic Package

$18,500 per arch

INCLUSIVE no surprises, top of the range materials, implants and technicians

Our Basic Package Includes: 

  • Initial consultation
  • Extractions (if needed) 
  • Digital imaging
  • Digital planning 
  • Photography

4 x Nobel Biocare implants (the only implants that can be used in an AO4) 

Nobel Biocare Implants are the pioneer of implant technology. Leading innovators in the industry, Nobel Biocare implants are made from grade four titanium and are manufactured with the utmost precision and efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standard. 

Metal reinforced bridge custom made by our master technicians 

(All anesthetic costs and medical doctor fees included) 

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All-On-4 Premium Upgrade

$29,000 per arch (valued at over $40,000)

Our Premium Package Includes: 

Advanced healing package This ground-breaking technique uses the patient’s own blood platelets to increase collagen production and cell mitosis. This enhances healing and promotes soft tissue repair with reduced inflammation. It also provides greater bone regeneration around implants.

Digital Smile Design – world leading aesthetic enhancement technology – 

DSD combines technology and systematic approaches to improve diagnosis, treatment planning, clinical execution and creation for each individual patient’s desired outcome.

This innovative piece of technology allows us to take our patients on a visual journey during the process of designing their new smile with interdisciplinary 3D simulations. The Digital Smile Designs improves communication and efficiency for each individual diagnosis, allowing us to recreate our patients dream smile with absolute accuracy to the finest detail.

Bespoke Zirconia and Porcelain bridge – 

  • Zirconia Bridges are recognised as the best quality bridge in the industry. Zirconia bridges are solid, long-lasting and visually appealing as related to another types of bridges.
  • Porcelain Bridges are a great solution for damaged or missing teeth. They resemble many qualities of natural teeth including, strength, durability, ability to resist food acid and translucent colour resembling natural teeth appearance. 

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Dental Implant Basic Package

$5,500 for the first implant

$5,000 for each additional implant

Our Basic Implant Package Includes

  • Australian made titanium implants
  • Custom made porcelain tooth, made by our industry leading experts

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Dental Implant Premium Upgrade

$6,500 for the first implant

$5,500 for each additional implant

Our Premium Implant Package Includes

  • Advanced healing package, 
  • Bone and gum grafting (if required) (valued at $1,500 each)
  • Temporary tooth (if required) 
  • Premium straumann or nobel biocare implant 
  • Bespoke technician package: includes digital smile design, and top of the range custom made implants by our master technicians

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Implant Bridge

1st implant $5,500

2nd implant $5,000

Each additional tooth $2,000

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