Why Choose SII For Your All-On-4

Only the best Implants

Only the best Implants

Teeth in one day

Teeth in one day

Sydney's All-on-4 Leader

Sydney's All-on-4 Leader

From as little as $137 per week

From as little as $137 per week

What is All on 4?

Sydney Implant InstituteWhat is an All-On-4

The All On 4 Concept

All-on-4 is a revolutionary cost-effective technique that allows us to place a full set of fixed teeth on just four dental implants. The change will transform your smile and your life.

Dentistry can now give you another set of teeth that look and feel like you own natural teeth.

A thorough examination by the experienced surgeons at the Sydney Implant Institute will help us walk you through the best course of treatment for you.

  • If you have teeth that are breaking down, are loose or are painful
  • If you have a denture that you can’t wear
  • If you have no teeth at all
  • If you want your smile transformed in a day


Sydney Implant InstituteAll-On-4

Who Can Benefit

  • Patients with partial or full dentures
  • Those with multiple painful, infected and/or crumbling teeth
  • Patients with severe gum disease/infection
Sydney Implant InstituteWho Is Suitable for All-On-4

Am I Healthy Enough?

Obviously there are medical conditions that can have an effect on implant healing and surgery. We need to know about these as they can modify your treatment plan. There are very few that mean you cannot have dental implants.

A full medical history will be taken as suitability is assessed. In most cases however, if the situation is known about and managed, dental implants will still be possible. Some examples of these medical conditions that we need to be aware of include but are not confined to:

  • Intravenous Bisphosphonate therapy
  • Recent heart attack or cardiac surgery within the past 6 months
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • Uncontrolled Blood Pressure
  • Myasthenia gravis
Am I Healthy Enough?

Basic Package ($17,500)

Metal Reinforced High Impact Acrylic Bridge

WARRANTY: 12 months

This is the standard All on 4 bridge and the one you will be wearing from the very first day. We use high-quality Ivoclar Phonares teeth, a metal reinforcing bar and a specialised high impact acrylic designed for All on 4.

Basic Package includes:

  • Complimentary Consultation
  • 4 Implants
  • Fixed bridge with metal reinforcement and a specialised high impact acrylic designed for the All on 4 
  • 1-year warranty on bridge 5 years on implants
  • From as low as $137.00  a week *MiFund 
Basic Package <span>($17,500)</span>

Premium Package ($25,150)

Titanium Hybrid Bridge


This bridge uses the same high-quality Ivoclar Phonares teeth and high impact acrylic but instead of a simple metal bar, the bridge is reinforced with a computer designed and milled titanium sub-structure. This allows the bridge to be made thinner and stronger. This bridge also allows us to have polished titanium metal in contact with the gums which is easier to clean and therefore creating a more hygienic environment under the bridge.

Premium Package includes:

  • Complimentary Consultation
  • 4 Implants
  • 5-year warranty on bridge 5 years on implants
  • From $197.50 a week *MiFund
Premium Package <span>($25,150)</span>

Deluxe Package ($29,400)

Zirconia Hybrid Bridge

WARRANTY: 10 yrs

The ultimate in strength and biocompatibility this bridge is essentially ‘all metal’. The bridge is made from a Zirconia framework set around a custom milled and designed titanium sub-structure. The teeth themselves are made from Zirconia and are therefore extremely strong making them perfect for tooth grinders, whilst also maintaining the look and feel of natural teeth.

Deluxe package includes:

  • Complimentary Consultation
  • 4 Implants
  • 10-year warranty on bridge 10 years on implants
  • From $228.00 a week *MiFund
Deluxe Package <span>($29,400)</span>

Advanced healing package ($1,500)

Using one of the latest innovations in dentistry the A-PRF centrifuge healing times can now be reduced by up to 50%.

Using the patients own platelets which are proven to increase collagen production and cell mitosis which enhances healing and promotes soft tissue repair with reduced inflammation. It also provides greater bone regeneration around implants. 

Advanced healing package <span>($1,500)</span>

Sedation Options for Nervous Patients

Twilight sedation

Having anxiety about going to the dentist is extremely common. Around 15% of people are so afraid of seeing the dentist that they avoid a going at all costs. We understand that the thought of dental work can be frightening, strange noises and sensations can be anxiety provoking and leave people feeling afraid.

Here at the Sydney Implant Institute, our dentists are experienced in treating patients with anxiety,  we can offer twilight sedation to help this is administered by a small cannula in the back of your hand and makes long appointments seem like minutes.

This is a great solution for nervous patients as it causes you to relax and also has an amnesic effect which makes the appointments seem short and easy.

We have a couple of medical doctors who come into the practice to perform the sedation, they will give you a receipt on the day that you take to Medicare to claim a rebate.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. You can not drive for 24 hours after.

Other forms of sedation on offer 

There are many great solutions to ensuring you feel relaxed and anxiety free. Come in and talk to us to find the right solution for you!