Dental Bridges in Sydney

Sydney Implant institute offers patients the ability to close missing gaps through the use of dental implant bridges.

Implant bridges consist of placing dental implants on either side of the missing space in order to create a pontic (fake tooth) attached to the prosthesis. 

Bridges are highly suitable for patients that require a return of functionality to their mouth. The appearance of our porcelain bridges seamlessly matches the shape and colour of your current dentition.

Bridges can be placed in the back of the mouth to simulate molar teeth and/or even placed to rejuvenate and cosmetically address missing anterior teeth.

Sydney implant Institute provides services for our patients needing to maintain space. Patients requiring bridges can seek a consult at Sydney Implant Institute for an implant bridge as part of our free consult. 

The clinicians at SII specialise in three-unit and four-unit bridges.

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