The evolution of dentistry

The Sydney Implant Institute was established for the advancement of dental implant treatment. In merging the latest scientific technology with beautiful aesthetic dentistry dental implants are the perfect replacement for dentures or failing and missing teeth.

Modern techniques mean that dental implants are a reliable and effective way to replace missing teeth. Whether it’s one tooth or many, dental implants can now become effectively your third set of teeth. A new generation of teeth.

Surgical techniques are often minimal, facilitating a quick and seamless recovery, where gaps in your smile can be filled immediately. As life takes you from baby teeth, to adult teeth and beyond.

There should be no more need for dentures. Dental implants can be your next set of teeth. This is the evolution of dentistry.

Sydney Implant Institute on The Morning Show

Dr. Mark Braund

Dr Braund graduated with a Bachelor of Dental surgery (honours) from the university of Sydney in 1995. The ensuing years also saw him graduate form the same university with a full medical degree. Mark has attained a level of excellence in all areas of general dentistry, however, it is his interest in surgery and the aesthetics of dentistry that have lead him to implant dentistry.

Mark is also vastly experienced and has studied domestically and internationally on grafting techniques, implants placement and the cosmetic side of implantology. Subsequently he is a leader in the field and has tackled the most complex of cases with monotonous success.

Mark has been at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry in Sydney for the past decade. His genuine skill in this area along with his surgical background and implant experience enable him to provide treatment to patients the equal of which very few are capable.

He has established multiple successful high – end dental practices across the Sydney suburbs and CBD. Mark is a driving force behind the Sydney Implant Institute and his insistence on perfection is the reason why the facility boasts such a professional implant dental team and the latest in technology. It is the combination of these factors along with Marks years of experience that makes long lasting and beautiful implant teeth the hallmark of his treatment.

Mark and Daniel have combined to ensure that every factor is in place to ensure success.

Dr. Mark Braund

Dr. Daniel Adamo

Dr Adamo graduated from Sydney University in 1995 with a Bachelor in Dental Surgery, and with a Diploma In Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants) in 2001. His ensuing professional years saw him working in private practice in Australia and the UK.

Dental implants have been a focus from the inception of his career and have remained so with and during the establishment of his general dental practices in Hunter’s Hill and Macquarie street in Sydney’s CBD.

Years of domestic and international study and training in oral implantology, surgery, grafting and cosmetic dentistry have culminated in the genesis of The Sydney Implant Institute. Daniel has a great desire to make oral implants less daunting and more accessible to his patients. Delivered with care and with skill.

Daniel almost twenty years of experience in implant placement and their restoration. All circumstances and eventualities have been encountered. This experience means that the team at the Sydney Implant institute will find the right treatment for you and deliver it with the best chance of success.

Dr Adamo has now focussed solely on implant dentistry. This is why the Sydney Implant institute has been produced. Our aim is to provide the best dental implant team, the best equipment, the best technology and the best care.

Dr. Daniel Adamo