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Our mission here at the Sydney Implant Institute is to transform our patients’ smiles and their lives. Our team of dedicated and experienced surgeons use the latest technology and cutting edge procedures to deliver fast, beautiful and long-lasting results. Contact us today to discuss your treatment options.
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Our team

Dr. Mark "The GOAT"

All on 4 Surgeon

Since graduating from the University of Sydney in 1995 (Bachelor of Dentistry, Honours), Dr Mark Braund went on to earn a full medical degree (MBBS).
Dr. Braund's passion for and vast experience with grafting techniques, implant placement and All on 4 combined with his relentless pursuit of perfection means he enjoys tackling the most complex cases. and has earned him the nickname "GOAT" (Greatest of all time), from his colleagues.
Dr Mark Braund prides himself on treatment transparency and keeping his patients informed every step of the way. As no two people are the same, Dr Braund believes that each patient deserves unique treatment that is best suited to them and their desired outcome.

A leader in All On 4 treatment and Dental Implants for the past 15 years. His passion for surgery and the aesthetics of dentistry have led him to where he is today.

Dr Ho-Yeon Choi
Dr. Choi "The Genius"

All on 4 Surgeon

Dr. Choi graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Sydney, during which time he was awarded the prestigious Stephen Hill Memorial Prize and inflamed his passion for dentistry and being able to provide the very best care possible to his patients in a gentle and meticulous way so that his patients can enjoy their oral health for years to come.

Dr Choi is able to provide the highest levels of care for his patients and is experienced with all surgical measures to replace missing teeth, gums and bone. He prides himself on his holistic approach that is tailored to patients expectations and desires.
This pursuit of excellence has inspired Dr Choi to pursue further knowledge and has provided him with the ability to ensure that all patient needs can be met regardless of difficulty, whether the patient requires implant treatment, bone and gum grafting, All on 4 or even tooth transplantations (this will blow you away)!!!

Outside of dentistry, Dr Choi enjoys spending quality time with his family, reading and playing golf (when he is not studying or researching).

Come in and see why he is called "The Genius".

Gamer Verdian
Dr. Gamer "The Eyes"

Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Verdian is renowned for his smile makeovers and expert procedures. His principles and philosophies revolve around providing exceptional results and patients’ wellbeing with a caring approach while utilising the latest in dental technology. With meticulous attention to detail, he provides exceptional long-lasting results for his patients.

Known as the ‘best eyes’ in the business, Dr. Verdian is a world leader in the field of microscopic dentistry and member of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry (AMED).

“Dentists treat people, not just teeth, so I make it a priority to help patients feel at ease. It brings me great happiness when people who have been terrified of dentists all their lives consider me as one of their friends,” says Dr. Verdian, who does everything in his power to make patients comfortable and informed of every step of the procedure. “It’s so exciting to work at the cutting edge of dentistry because the confidence a beautiful smile brings can have a profound flow-on effect to the rest of my patient’s lives. It’s life changing, gratifying work.”

He also regularly appears in the media including Studio Ten, Network Ten Australia, where he shares insights and his expertise on cosmetic and general dentistry topics.

​​So you want that last 1% of magic on your cosmetics or implant restoration ask your coordinator or surgeon to get you a consultation with "The Eyes."

Dr Zac Wilson
Dr. Zac "The Country Boy"

Dental Surgeon

Zac grew up in the NSW Southern Highlands and graduated as a Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Sydney.

Zac’s greatest enjoyment in dentistry is helping a person get from where they are, to where they would like to be. Whether it is how you look or how you feel, Zac enjoys taking the time to understand your concerns and to provide the care and treatment that leaves you feeling that a trip to the dentist can be a rewarding experience!

Zac is friendly and easy to talk to, and helps to make even the most anxious of patients feel at ease. He really is a "Country Boy" and you will get that easy feeling instantly.

When not attending courses to expand his knowledge and skills, Zac enjoys being with his family and returning to the bush where he can perfect his skills on calming even the most anxious patient.

Gabby "The Angel"

Senior Treatment Coordinator

At The Sydney Implant Institute, the Treatment Coordinator is the link between patient and clinician. They must be caring, empathetic, non-judgmental, and able to handle any patient concern or enquiry. In short, they have to be angels, and at The Sydney Implant Institute, you will find the most special of them all.

Gabrielle has been working with people all her life. Dentistry was instantly her passion as she enjoyed the intimacy, importance, and dramatic impact it could have on patient's lives.

Given the nature and complexity of the work at the Sydney Implant Institute, Gab's passion was taken to another level. She found her home, and they saw their "Angel".

Shai "The Rock"

Oral Health Therapist

Every team needs someone who can be relied on repeatedly, day after day. That person is a rock, strong, consistent and unwavering. At The Sydney Implant Institute, the rock is Shai.

Maintaining the health and cleanliness of dental implants and All-on-4s is a crucial job. It requires skill, dedication and discipline from clinicians and patients alike. Shai has been working with implant and All-on-4 patients almost exclusively for over ten years. She is good at it and an asset to The Sydney Implant Institute and, most importantly, her patients.
Since graduating from Sydney University, Shai has dedicated her studies to the health and maintenance of dental implants and All-on-4.

If you have implants and need a "Rock", come and meet Shai.

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About The Sydney Implant Institute

In 2011, The Sydney Implant Institute was created.

“I saw the need for a purpose-built implant clinic, where patients could have everything done at once, many patients like the idea of placing implants and restoring them in the same location. I have always been very passionate about dental implants and always loved the idea of starting new treatment from scratch, as opposed to building on compromised foundations. By using the latest technology and techniques, and incorporating it into a purpose built facility meant that patients had access to experienced surgeons in a relaxing atmosphere, with Australia’s best technicians and the world’s leading implant companies all in one place.”

– Dr Mark Braund

The Sydney Implant Institute
The Sydney Implant Institute

Our Core Values

The Sydney Implant Institute

Dr. Mark Braund

Dr. Mark Braund’s Reputation as an All on 4 Expert

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Mark Braund has emerged as a leading figure in All On 4 treatments and Dental Implants. His fervour for surgery, combined with his keen eye for aesthetics in dentistry, has propelled him to the forefront of the industry. Those who have had the privilege of being treated by him or working alongside him can attest to his prowess, dedication, and genuine care he extends to each patient. Truly, Dr. Braund’s reputation is a blend of professional excellence and compassionate care.

Dr. Mark Braund Reviews

Looking for All on 4 dental implant reviews in Australia? You won’t find them on a dentist’s website. Australian law prohibits dentists from displaying patient reviews on their sites. Instead, check out our clinic’s Google business listing for genuine feedback.If you’re considering dental implants and are searching for “Mark Braund review” or “Sydney Implant Institute Reviews”, we invite you to read real patient experiences on our Google business listing. Dive into All on Four reviews, dental implants reviews and the stories of those who’ve been treated by Dr. Mark Braund and the Sydney Implant Institute team!

Dr. Mark Braund: An Overview

Dr. Mark Braund’s reputation in the field of dentistry is nothing short of exemplary. As an All on 4 surgeon, he has carved a niche for himself, showcasing his expertise and dedication to the craft. His academic journey began at the University of Sydney, where he graduated with honours with a Bachelor of Dentistry in 1995. Not one to rest on his laurels, Dr. Braund furthered his education by obtaining a full medical degree (MBBS), a testament to his commitment to comprehensive patient care and fulfilment.

Dr. Mark Braund Expertise and Special Interests

One of the hallmarks of Dr. Braund’s practice is his emphasis on treatment transparency. He believes in keeping his patients in the loop at every stage of their treatment, ensuring they are well-informed and comfortable. Recognising the individuality of each patient, Dr. Braund is of the firm belief that personalised care is paramount. He understands that every patient has unique needs and aspirations, and he tailors his treatments to align with their specific goals.

The “GOAT” of Dental Surgery

His vast experience in grafting techniques, implant placement, and All on 4 procedures has set him apart from his peers. Dr. Braund’s relentless pursuit of perfection and his passion for these techniques have not only allowed him to take on the most intricate and challenging cases but have also earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues. It’s no wonder they fondly refer to him as the “GOAT” or the Greatest of All Time in the realm of dental surgery.

The Sydney Implant Institute reputation

The Sydney Implant Institute is renowned for its excellence in dental implantology. With a commitment to cutting-edge techniques and patient-centred care, the institute has established itself as a leading centre for dental implant training and treatment in Sydney. Its reputation is built on a foundation of expert knowledge, innovative procedures, and a track record of successful implant placements. Patients and professionals alike trust The Sydney Implant Institute for its dedication to quality and best practices in the field of implant dentistry.