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Welcome to the new standard in dental implants. We can replace your missing or failing teeth using the latest scientific technology combined with beautiful aesthetic dentistry. Talk to us about your beautiful new set of teeth today.


Transform your smile with this revolutionary, cost-effective dental technique. Using just 4 dental implants, we can replace broken down or missing teeth with a full set of fixed teeth that look and feel like your own. Get your new teeth in 1-day.

Dental Implants

Dentures and bridges can be difficult and problematic. Here at Sydney’s leading dental implant centre, we use innovative new techniques to replace teeth with a reliable, long-term solution in a single surgical procedure. Get in touch today and love your smile again.



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Affordable dental implants

Dental implant procedure

Dental implants are a procedure to replace missing teeth. In this procedure, the root of the natural tooth is replaced with a metal cylinder shaped like a screw inserted directly into the jaw and permanently replaces the missing tooth. The implant has three parts:
  • The screw, known as post or fixture.
  • An abutment, the extension of the post and connects the implant below and the implant crown.
  • A dental crown that artificially replaces the tooth and sits on top of the abutment.

Dental implants pros

In addition to having the same appearance, dental implants fulfil the same function like real teeth. One of the advantages of having a dental implant is that when it is placed in the jaw, there is a bone healing process, so it fuses with the jawbone, which allows the bone density to be preserved, and there is no risk that it will slip or damage the bone. This is important because after the extraction of a tooth, as there is no chewing or biting stimulation, the jaw may begin to shrink and bone loss may occur (known as bone resorption). Also, the jawbone may lose density which will affect your smile and may result in facial changes. Also, the teeth may move, resulting in changes in bite and problems with the jaw joints. For this reason, after the extraction, depending on your conditions, your dentist may recommend replacing the tooth with a dental implant. With this procedure, the natural tooth’s root is replaced and provides the necessary support to maintain the proper bone structure.

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