Hypercomplex Cases

We pride ourselves on tackling even the most challenging dental cases with skill and expertise.

Our team of experienced specialists is well-versed in handling hypercomplex dental cases, where patients may present with multiple dental issues, severe oral conditions, or complex anatomical considerations.

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While All on 4 represents a groundbreaking solution for extensive tooth loss, it’s important to recognise its complexities. Issues like insufficient bone thickness, unfavourable maxillary sinus extensions, or past failed treatments can create obstacles for patients seeking this approach. Unfortunately, these challenges often frustrate patients as they’re turned away from various clinics. However, we’re dedicated to surmounting these barriers at the Sydney Implant Institute. With our extensive expertise and proven track record of thousands of successful cases, we’re committed to offering you a tailored solution. Your path to dental restoration starts here, where every challenge is met with skill and experience for a successful outcome.

Type of Cases

No Bone

Unfortunately, not all patients will present with ideal bone volumes to support a full arch with four implants. This can be due to genetics, atrophy following tooth loss, previous surgeries, infections or even how the tooth was removed. 

Here at Sydney Implant Institute, we can accommodate you in all capacities to rehabilitate your smile and confidently give you a solution to achieve the smile you’ve been looking for.

Solutions for patients with little to no usable bone vary from conventional bone grafting to zygomatic and pterygoid implants.

Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants are one solution for patients with no bone in the back regions of the upper jaw. This can be an alternative to sinus augmentation procedures or extensive bone grafting. 

To facilitate implant placement in an areas of compromised bone quality, zygomatic implants were designed to bypass the upper jaw and instead anchor into the cheek bones (aka the zygoma, hence the name), a much harder and stronger bone. This usually allows patients with poor upper jaw bone to be given their teeth almost immediately. 

The end result and final bridge do not differ from the standard All on 4.

Pterygoid Implants

Pterygoid implants are another possible solution for patients missing bone in the upper jaws. The pterygoid plates of the sphenoid bone are a different type of bone than that found in the upper jaw, it is usually denser and stronger. Pterygoid implants are a useful solution that can avoid sinus augmentation procedures and minimise the length of cantilever of the bridges.

This further fortifies the back part of the teeth support, which can be very important in people with forceful bites, as well as increasing the spatial positioning of the implants to distribute forces more evenly

Mrs. Martinez embarked on a transformative journey with us after being left with many dental problems, including insufficient anchorage, bone loss, and implant complications from another dentist. Guided by our expertise, we undertook a comprehensive full-mouth rehabilitation using the All on 4 technique. Through meticulous planning and advanced techniques, we restored her smile and confidence, addressing each obstacle with precision. Witness her remarkable comeback and discover how our skilled team smile and confidence, addressing each obstacle with precision.

We use Nobel Biocare Implants

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Nobel Biocare Implants are the pioneer of implant technology. Leading innovators in the industry, Nobel Biocare implants are made from grade four titanium and are manufactured with the utmost precision and efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standard.

Revision Surgery

Unfortunately, as with all surgeries, there exists the possibility of complications arising from All on 4 surgery. The extent of the complications can range from fractured prosthetics, pain during function, infections around implants to the loss of bone and tissues around the jaw bones.

As a result, revision surgery usually is more complex and time consuming and best left in the hands of experienced surgeons and clinical teams. 

Dealing with having to undertake another surgery, which is a challenging and frustrating experience for patients and clinicians alike, is difficult but has to be undertaken if dentures are avoided.

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