Losing teeth once meant uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures were the only option for restoring your teeth. But thanks to the advancements of modern dental technology and procedures, dentures are now a thing of the past.

All-on-4 is a revolutionary dental implant treatment used to replace teeth that are sore, cracked, decayed, chipped, deteriorating, missing or loose. As the name suggests, the procedure provides an immediate full bridge of teeth that are supported by just four implants. And this modern treatment offers myriad benefits to patients desperately seeking an effective alternative to dentures.

The All-on-4 advantages speak for themselves:

1. Natural appearance – Nobody needs to know that your new set of sparkly teeth aren’t your own, since All-on-4 look and feel just like natural teeth. Every single tooth is colour matched for a consistent appearance, so your replacement teeth won’t stand out.

2. Permanently restored function – Unlike dentures, All-on-4 implants naturally integrate into the bone of your teeth for a permanent result. This eliminates denture slippage concerns, allowing you to confidently eat the foods you love and speak clearly without the fear of any movement.

3. Comfort – All-on-4 implants are customised to your jaw and mouth, making it a popular alternative to ill-fitting dentures or unsatisfactory prosthetics. They’re comfortable and promote a healthy bite, so you can eat food without having to compromise nutritional intake

4. Easy to clean – All-on-4 implants are very easy to clean and cheap to maintain, which promotes great oral hygiene

5. Cost effective – The All-on-4 treatment is affordable, durable and ensures long-term function. So there’s no need to constantly pay for replacement dentures or new root canals, crowns etc.

6. Immediate results – Unlike other dental solutions, All-on-4 results are immediate. The implants allow treatment to be completed in one treatment session, if desired by the patient.

If All-on-4 sounds like a solution for you, contact the Sydney Implant Institute today to schedule a consultation to determine if you’re a suitable All-on-4 candidate.