Dental implants have revolutionised dentistry. After almost 50 years, the placement of a titanium screw with an attached tooth has now grown to be society’s standard for permanently replacing missing or severely damaged teeth. And it’s all due to the host of benefits dental implants offer both patients and dental professionals.

In the past, losing a tooth used to mean that uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures coupled with messy adhesives were the only solution to restoring your teeth. Dental implants have since spared millions of patients around the world from the discomfort and embarrassment of wearing dentures and experiencing tooth destruction – a common problem that occurs when neighbouring teeth are prepared for bridges.

Denture-wearers and patients with severe periodontal (gum) disease or badly decayed teeth also had to live with their condition and attend painful, expensive and seemingly endless dental appointments. The innovative All-on-4 technique provides these patients with a new set of teeth that are supported by just four implants, usually in one day. And this fast and effective dental rehabilitation is a lot more affordable than previous methods.

Dental professionals relied on expensive and drawn-out procedures to rehabilitate patients with teeth that had become loose, painful, cracked, deteriorating and above all unsightly. These techniques often relied on the condition of the existing teeth, which meant many mouths were doomed from the outset. The advantage of All-on-4 is that it allows the dental surgeon to create something new from the foundations up, achieving a more predictable and hassle-free result.

All-on-4 involves integrating four dental implants into a strong base jaw bone that has not been infected by diseased teeth. This bone provides solid support for the full bridge. On the same day that the implants are placed, teeth that have already been made and customised to a patient’s mouth are temporarily fitted to the implants and an impression is taken.

Next, the teeth are further customised and a new set of natural-looking teeth are screwed into the implants by the end of the day. This enables patients to go from deteriorated teeth, or even no teeth, to a complete set in a relatively short amount of time.

The beauty of All-on-4 dental implants is that the treatment permanently restores both aesthetics and function of natural teeth. The fixed nature eliminates denture slippage concerns, allowing patients to confidently eat a wide range of foods they love and speak clearly without the fear of any teeth falling out or clicking.

Dental implants also reduce the number of times a patient will have to visit the dentist. Patients return three months after the procedure to have the teeth remodelled if post-operative changes in the surrounding tissue need accommodating. Patients are then encouraged to return every six months for a professional clean and routine check-up.

Ultimately, All-on-4 is an advanced dental technique that restores aesthetics and functionality that patients may have been missing for years.

All-on-4 teeth are also very easy for patients to clean at home using their waterpik and piksters, which are provided to a patient. The staff at the Sydney Implant Institute will go through a new hygiene regime with you at your first issue appointment. This promotes great oral hygiene, meaning the chances of healthy teeth and gums staying in shape for life is increased.

In New South Wales, the innovators and leaders in the All-on-4 field are the Sydney Implant Institute. Located in Macquarie Street in the CBD, their dental surgeons have perfected and streamlined this highly evolved technique to the benefit of their patients. The Sydney Implant Institute offers complimentary consultations and X-rays, and conducts free patient seminars.

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