Dental implants were first introduced in 1965, but a series of technological improvements along the way has meant that the modern implant available today is now even better than ever – they look great, feel pleasant and chew just like natural teeth.

Dental implants are artificial prosthetics designed to permanently restore a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Once a patient has the entire dental implant procedure successfully complete, there are several advantages they can expect to benefit from.

Safely say goodbye to gaps

Dental implants are permanently integrated into a patient’s jawbone via a titanium screw. Since they are fixed, safe and secure, dental implants eliminate the fear of artificial teeth potentially falling out if they chew or speak – a common problem experienced by denture wearers.

Therefore, the function of dental implants improves confidence and will not restrict a person’s nutritional intake. Eat whatever you like again and enjoy a wider variety of foods. Dental implants can also improve the taste of natural food flavours and sensations. There’s less plastic in a person’s mouth and there’s no need for messy, distasteful glue to hold teeth in place, so there’s no irritation or pain when chewing.

They look like real pearly whites

Dental implants blend in with your natural teeth while restoring function. The look and act just like your own set of teeth because they’re colour-matched and exude a natural lustre, so there’s no need to worry about people ever picking up that you have dental implants unless you tell them. They won’t even click or move around like dentures do, which means you’re able to speak clearly and confidently.

Same care as your teeth

Dental implants are extremely easy to clean. You should brush and floss them twice daily and care for them as you would your normal teeth. This is essential for keeping your new set of teeth clean and free from plaque. Don’t forget your biannual visits to the dentist to keep teeth and gums in great shape.