Not sure what all the dental implant lingo means? Don’t fret. Here’s an A to Z guide of all the terms commonly used during dental implant consultations and treatments. In no time, you’ll know what they all mean and how they can be applied.

All-on-4 procedure: A revolutionary dental implant treatment used to replace teeth that are sore, cracked, decayed, chipped, deteriorating, missing or loose. As the name suggests, the procedure provides an immediate full bridge of teeth that are supported by just four implants.

Bonding: A process to repair or improve the appearance of a tooth. It involves applying tooth-coloured material, adhesives and using a strong curing light to set the connection.

Bone atrophy: If a patient loses a tooth or multiple teeth due to periodontal (gum) disease, extraction or injury, the tooth root can no longer stimulate the jaw bone. As a result, bone mass and strength begins to deplete, causing the jaw to atrophy (recede).

Bridge: A temporary, permanent or fixed dental restoration used to fill the gaps of one or more missing teeth with artificial replacement teeth. Dental implants and fixed partial dentures are common examples used by dentists today.

Crown: A prosthetic dental restoration that is placed on top of or completely around a tooth to improve its strength, flawed appearance or shape. Crowns can also be used to finally restore a dental implant, as well as hold a partial denture or dental bridge in place.

Dental implant: An artificial tooth root (titanium screw) that is integrated into a candidate’s jaw bone to hold a replacement tooth or bridge permanently in place.

Dentures: Also known as false teeth, dentures are a removable prosthetic device created to replace missing teeth. They are available to replace a full or partial set of teeth.

Enamel: The thin, hard outer surface of a tooth that protects it against decay.

Extractions: The surgical removal of a tooth from its socket in the supportive bone and tissue.

Grafts: A generic name for a number of surgical periodontal procedures that aim to restore and prevent receding gum lines and/or exposed tooth roots.

Nobel Biocare: A global leading company specialising in innovative restorative and cosmetic dental solutions. Nobel Biocare provides dental professionals with cutting edge, evidence-based root-to-tooth solutions including dental implants, crowns, bridges and laminates.

Osseointegration: The completed biological bond process of integrating a titanium implant into a patient’s living jaw bone tissue.

Periodontal (gum) disease: A serious form of gum disease that can lead to the loosening and loss of teeth. Caused by a build-up of bacteria from plaque, it can affect people of any age.

Prosthetic: The branch of dentistry that focuses on replacing missing teeth and related mouth or jaw structures with artificial dental prosthetics.

Titanium: Titanium and titanium alloys are an extremely suitable dental material used for dental implants and other prosthetics. The body accepts the material naturally thanks to its biocompatible properties with living tissues.

X-ray: Professional dental images that capture teeth, bones and soft surrounding tissue to help identify problems with the teeth, mouth and jaw and/or confirm a diagnosis.

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