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Join us and our patients as they share their incredible journeys and transformations here at the Sydney Implant Institute. Each patient reveals their experience with us and how the AO4 procedure has changed their life…


In just 50 seconds, unlock expert insights on zygomatic implants with Dr. Choi at Sydney Implant Institute. Learn about this groundbreaking dental procedure now!
Experience dentistry redefined with Dr. Mark and Dr. Choi at Sydney Implant Institute. Through their empathetic approach, they listen deeply to each patient's story, creating personalised journeys of transformation. Join them on a profound journey where understanding meets innovation, and smiles are restored with compassion.
Join Maria Lucas from the Sydney Implant Institute as she delves into the often overlooked but crucial topic of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease.
Join us in experiencing the transformative journey of lives and the stories behind our All-on-4 Seminar, led by our team of expert dentists and practitioners at the Sydney Implant Institute.
Uncover the narrative of The Sydney Implant Institute — more than a dental practice, it's a sanctuary for those in pursuit of renewed confidence and the joy of a radiant smile. Come be a part of this transformative odyssey, where every smile is crafted into a masterpiece.