All-on-4 is a highly popular and effective alternative for denture patients trying to find an alternative treatment to overcome missing or deteriorating teeth.

They’re comfortable, affordable, effective and offer immediate results that transform people’s lives and smiles forever. It’s no wonder the cutting-edge dental treatment is sought after by so many.

Just some of the benefits of All-on-4 dental treatment include:

The question is, are you an eligible candidate for All-on-4?

Patient suitability checklist for All-on-4:

 Deteriorating teeth – Do you have sore, cracked, decayed, chipped, deteriorating, missing or loose teeth?

 No teeth at all – You have no existing teeth and it’s affecting your ability to eat well and/or speak clearly.

 Denture problems – Do you have dentures that you can no longer wear? They may be uncomfortable and/or painful due to an ill-fit; compromising your ability to eat and speak as a result.

 Smile correction – You want to correct your bite and smile for the long term.

 Fast results – You’re seeking a dental treatment that is quick. Unlike other solutions, All-in-4 does not require ongoing treatment. The immediate implants allow treatment to be completed in one day if desired by the patient.

If All-on-4 sounds like a solution for you, contact the Sydney Implant Institute today to schedule a consultation. One of our experienced surgeons will be happy to conduct a thorough examination of your mouth and walk you through the most suitable course of dental treatment for your needs.